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Wind Chimes KONTAKT

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A beautifully sampled set of ethereal copper Wind Chimes. All 6 chimes are sampled in 3 articulations – with a rubber mallet, a wood “beater” and wood stick hits. Also included are Wind Chime atmospheric samples, some of which were processed with Granular Synthesis for an other-worldly quality. Programming includes velocity cross faded articulations, layered pads and flexible key mapping.

The copper set of wind chimes in the above photo is the set that was sampled. The other set on the left was used to create one of the atmosphereic .nki’s in Konatkt 2 along with the copper set. The copper wind chimes are tuned D4, F4, G4, A#4, C5 and D5. A G pentatonic minor scale is one way to look at it. But since these are sampled, you can play them in any key of course. Each of the six chimes was struck with 3 different surfaces for a variety of tone color.

Wind Chime Atmospheres
There are 5 Atmosphere samples. These are samples of the chimes dangling in the wind and
ringing against each other. I also introduced a second set of chimes for a thicker density in a couple of the samples. Two of the Atmospheric samples were treated with Granular Synthesis DSP processing for a more “other-wordly” qualtiy.

Below are some example selections from the Instrument (.nki) list of Wind Chimes.
WC Horiz Map Untuned.nki – The horizontal keymap referred to here has all 3 recorded articulations – rubber, wood and stick mapped out across the keyboard from low to high respectivly. The lowest of the samples (D4) and the highest (D5) have been stretched approximately an octave to ectend the playable range.
WC Rubber to Wood Vel Xfade.nki – Any .nki involving a velocity crossfade or velocity switch requires a vertical map or layer. this particular .nki has a velocity crossfade modulated by
velocity from the Rubber to the Wood samples.
I hope you enjoy the Wind Chimes!

Dennis Burns – Bolder Sounds
April 2007

WC Granular Atmosphere.nki – This involves a atmospheric sample which was processed with Granular Synthesis.
Wind Ch Atmosphere MW Mix.nki – The modulation wheel of your controller determines the balance between the “granulated” wind chimes and the non-granulated atmospheric sample.
Wind Ch Vel= Octave Layer.nki – As you play harder, you will hear the same sample fade in an octave lower.
Wind Chimes reverse verb.nki – This uses a preset Convolution reverse reverb in Konatkt 2.
WC Loops C3 – C5.nki – These are short loops mapped to keys C3 – C5. They are not symmetrical rock loops at 120 bpm. They are very odd time signatures/rhythms that do not correlate to only one bpm tempo. They’re just fun to play with.

WC Loops Fwrd_Rev C3 – C5.nki – these are the same loops as above yet the loop plays forward and then in a reverse direction. WC Horiz Map Untuned.nki – This the basic keymap of the chimes in their original state before being tuned. They are only out of tune by anywhere from 3 cents to 10 cents giving them a nice warm character. Use this .nki if you do not to be in tune with other sounds in your production.

Bolder Sounds Wind Chimes KONTAKT-AudioP2P

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