Anyone Can Master EDM TUTORiAL

Anyone Can Master EDM TUTORiAL

Anyone Can Master EDM

FANTASTiC | 13 June 2020 | 333 MB

Anyone can master EDM! Thats a bold statement, but it’s true… as long as you “master” the right techniques. Join EDM music producer and audio engineer in this course to learn them all! It is often said that mastering is an art form that should be left to experts, but in truth, mastering is not the black art some engineers make it out to be. In this course, producer and trainer debunks all mastering myths and shows step by step how to master electronic music (or any other genre) the easy way! First, Olav gives you a tour of the essential mastering toolbox: EQs, compressors, saturation, limiters… Then, you learn about loudness, metering and why louder is not necessarily better. Using Logic Pro X, and some 3rd-party plugins (like Pro-Q 3), Olav clearly explains and demonstrates all the essential mastering techniques you need to know to give your track that professional polish. You also discover tips and tricks to quickly find the perfect compression settings, how to work with multiband compressors, working with a deesser, how to set up a mastering chain and more!

Are you ready to debunk mastering myths? Join legendary producer and trainer in this course, and get your tracks ready for commercial distribution.

Anyone Can Master EDM TUTORiAL


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