SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 20 2019 | 395 MB

Synth master brings you comprehensive Native Instruments MASSIVE X video tutorials! Learn this beast of a synth part by part, section by section, with Groove3’s in-depth video manual, perfect for beginner or intermediate MASSIVE X users! Larry welcomes you and then starts with an overview of the MASSIVE X user interface, followed by how routing works inside this powerful VI. Then, Larry dives deep into explaining how the Oscillators and the numerous Wavetables are used to create the foundation of your synth patch. Next, the Modulation, Voice options, Noise, Amp and Filter sections are all explored and explained, so you know exactly how they work and are used to craft endless sounds. Larry then goes into MASSIVE X’s killer Insert Effects, Envelopes, Switcher & Random LFO features, including Trackers, which allow you to design complex modulations mapped to note values or note pitches, for very creative and inspiring sound design results.

Moving on you’ll learn all about the benefits of Voice Randomization and how to use Performers which allow you to create modulation values dependent on pitch and velocity, resulting in very cool, wild sonic effects. Then you’ll see how to use MIDI controllers such as Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch, as well as 16 Macro controls to control MASSIVE X’s parameters, including how to make 1:1 assignments which allow you to take over the control of a parameter and also have Macros affect multiple parameters simultaneously.

Using everything you’ve learned, Larry now shows you how to create from magesy download scratch, a huge, dark cinematic pad that utilizes 4 oscillators, delays, chorus and reverb effects! Wrapping it all up, Larry goes over some specific v1.1 update additions which includes new presets and skins.



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