The Producer’s Music Theory Handbook (3rd Edition)

The Producers Music Theory Handbook 3rd Edition

The Producer’s Music Theory Handbook

English | 132 pages | PDF | 101 MB

(3rd Edition)

The term ‘music theory’ is known to strike fear in the hearts of computer musicians, conjuring up images of stuffy classrooms, clusters of confusing musical notes and incomprehensible languages. However, with all this music-making power sitting on your hard drive, there’s no excuse not to fully grasp the fundamental building blocks of music. Yes, you can get by without any theory skills… but how much better would your tracks be if you could program those MIDI notes with gusto and tickle those ivories with purpose?

So if words like ‘chords’, ‘scales’, ‘modes’ and ‘inversions’ fill you with dread, fear not. We’ve cherry-picked the finest tutorial features from the pages of Computer Music and Future Music – each guide created specifically for the computer-based producer – to bring you this mega-compendium of music theory knowledge. And if our step-by-step guides aren’t enough, you also gain access to a treasure trove of digital content. Not only can you follow along with tutorial files in audio, MIDI and video formats, but you can even download Computer Music’s exclusive Plugins collection – over 80 virtual instruments and effects created by the industry’s best software developers.

The Producer’s Music Theory Handbook (3rd Edition)

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