FutureX For Spire SBF-TZ Group

FutureX For Spire SBF-TZ Group

FutureX For Spire SBF

TZ Group | 14.01.2017 | 1.66 MB

FuturX is a library of 140+ cutting edge Trance/EDM patches library for Reveal-sound’s Spire synthesizer plugin (version 1.1.3+). This library was created by who has toured, performed at festivals and done remixes for countless artists in the Trance/Industrial music industry. His wealth of experience makes patches that truly stand out from the rest! Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video and you will be impressed with both the sonic power of Spire and also what YOU can do with Spire after adding this library to your arsenal!

GENRES: Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

Library Specifics:
This is the first and ONLY library where EVERY PATCH has ALL 5 real-time controls: the Modulation Wheel & Knobs 1 – 4 set up to modify the patches in powerful AND musical ways. To make things even more clear, we STANDARDISED the knobs so that every patch would follow the same assignments:

Knob 1: TONE. Changes generally to the OSC section to change the tone of the sound. Shaper and other things are changed at times as well, but generally tone is what Knob 1 is all about changing.
Knob 2: Shape. Generally changes the envelope shape for either the Amp or the filter so that you can dial in a whole bunch of different types of patches with just one knob. Very powerful!
Knob 3: Digital Delay – Almost always changes wet/dry mix and settings of the Digital Delay unit. Can also change chorus/phaser or other sounds but always DDL wet/dry mix is found here. Spinning the knob to a value of 0 will remove all delay from the sound.
Knob 4: REVERB – ALWAYS changes wet/dry mix and maybe other parameters in the reverb effect. Setting this knob to a value of 0 will remove all reverb from the sound.
Modulation Wheel – all bets are off but make it EPIC whenever possible! The wheel can change synth parameters AND effects for truly exciting results in many cases. Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!

140+ Patches divided into a CORE Library file (with 127 patches) and a BONUS library file (with 16 patches):

– 8 Acid Bass/Acid Seq
– 2 Bells
– 3 SEQ
– 4 Drum
– 7 SFX
– 9 Synth
– 1 Guitar
– 2 Keyboard
– 13 Pluck
– 21 Pads
– 23 Lead (some are polyphonic)
– 35 Bass/Bass Seq

P- LUS 16 BONUS LIBRARY patches including patches used in the ManFigureMusic Demo “SuperGiant”.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/7h53
FutureX For Spire SBF-TZ Group

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