Korg Kronos KONTAKT

Korg Kronos KONTAKT

P2P |☺ 20.04.2021 | 48.6 GB

If you looking for best quality sounds, you are in right place. The Kronos Virtual Instrument it’s a great alternative iron workstation KORG KRONOS. This Kontakt Instrument includes all sound patches of KORG KRONOS in format Kontakt NKI with great NI Kontakt GUI and has very flexible effects such as reverb, deley, chorus, phaser, and so on… You can enjoy with powerful sounds on your computer, create music almost in all genres. The norCtrack Studio worked on this sounds pack very long time and carefully configured all the necessary to make your job simply. This kontakt instrument includes 17 category of sounds + GM patches | 35 Subcategory | 1688 NKI files | over 76 GB Sounds. The samples MULTI-SAMPLED and MULTI-LAYERED. This means, that all instruments sounds very professional and has high quality.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have sounds of Korg Kronos in format NKI on your computer. It’s Modern Virtual instrument with powerful sounds. This instrument is capable to perform your musical dreams “An instrument for all occasions”!

Compatibility: PC OS Windows & Mac
SOFTWARE requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt 4.1 / 5.0 or any high full versions
Language of the interface: English
Size: 76.9Gb / 1688 NKI Files with Kontakt GUI
Format & Quality: Kontakt Instrument – NKI /stereo/44.100Hz; 24 Bit (high Quality sounds)
Included: All patches + GM Sounds of KORG KRONOS

Sample Key Range: 88
Velocity: 1 to 6 on demand of sounds
layers: 1 to 4 on demand of sounds
Arpeggiator: YES
Kontakt GUI: YES
Effects: YES



  • A.Piano
  • Synth E-Piano
  • Real E.Piano
  • Clav&Harpsi
  • E.Organ
  • PipeOrgan
  • Drawbar Organ
  • Accordion
  • Bell&Mallet
  • Strings
  • Vocal&Air
  • Woodwinds&Reed
  • Brass
  • Guitar&Plucked
  • Bass&SynthBass
  • SlowSynth
  • FastSynth
  • LeadSynth
  • MotionSynth
  • SFX
  • ShortDecay-Hit
  • Drums
  • GM


1. Monolithic .nki files are unpacked.
2. Patches now receive information from container resource
3. Samples converted to .ncw format and packed in nkx containers
4. Duplicate samples removed
5. Instrument folder structure simplified
6. .nki file names are given to more understandable perception
7. Added several new patches from the open spaces of Internet
8. It is possible to add the library to the LIBRARY list (optional)


Please Note: this is a demo of the real keyboard Korg Kronos.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/pOOu
Korg Kronos KONTAKT

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