MES 212 V30 v1.01 IR Impulse Responses

MES 212 V30 v1.01 IR Impulse Responses

MES 212 V30 v1.01 IR

P2P | 18 August 2020 | 22 MB

After countless requests for a “try before you buy” Cab Pack, York Audio is pleased to offer this limited version of the MES 212 V30 for a single dollar. For more complete information on this Cab Pack, please visit the product page for the Full Version. We understand the hesitation to try new IR companies in search for the tones we hear in our heads. And even though our impulse responses have been regarded as the most realistic in the industry by touring professionals, recording engineers, and top tier session players, it’s about time that YOU get to experience the clarity and realism for yourself and finally take the blanket off of your amp. This limited version will give you an idea of what we do here. And while the full version includes ten microphones with 79 single mic captures and 15 multi-mic Mixes (total of 94 IRs), this stripped down version features five microphones with 18 single mic captures and 5 multi-mic Mixes (total of 23 IRs) in order for you to give the York Audio experience a test drive. If you like what you hear, the Full Version will floor you with some of the best mics, captures, and mixes found in ANY York Audio Cab Pack to date. We hope you enjoy it!

Microphones used in this pack:
– Shure™ SM57
– Sennheiser™ MD421
– Royer™ R-121
– Beyerdynamic™ M160
– AKG™ C414
– Shure™ SM7b (available in Full Version)
– Shure™ SM58 (available in Full Version)
– Sennheiser™ e906 (available in Full Version)
– Shure™ KSM313 (available in Full Version)
– Neumann™ FET 47 (vintage) (available in Full Version)

MES 212 V30 v1.01 IR Impulse Responses

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