GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE

GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE

GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE

GranuRise v1.2.2 M4L

P2P | 13 October 2021 | 29.26 MB

GranuRise is Max Msp and Max for Live granular synth, based on a non-conventional creative synthesis and sample modules that enables immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex morphing sound structures intuitively.

– Gestural control that feels less like software and more like an instrument
– Thinking outside of a grid – based environment
– Expressive interaction with the software
– Semi-prepared generative structures with real-time interaction
– Real-time audio processing and transformation
– Control each grain independently | pitch, volume, filter…
– Draw your own window function
– Mix between engines: Granular | Spectra | Sample | Synth | Effect
– More than 100 evolving layers & textures can create a final sound design
– All layers as a sound source for the pitch transformation – without altering the speed of the sound
– MIDI | MPE | Mira | Roli Blocks integration
– Advanced preset recalling and morph options combined with the gesture feature
– Complex sound design using your own gesture without complex matrices and advanced lfo settings

GranuRise v1.2.2 MAX FOR LiVE
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