Titan 2 For ENGiNE 2

titan 2 engine

titan 2 engine

Titan 2 For ENGiNE 2

P2P | 13 January 2022 | 23.10 GB

TITAN 2 comes with a gigantic library of 12,800 presets. Besides basses, leads and pads, the new version offers various sounds designed for current dance productions. TITAN 2 does not simply offer sounds of current famous synthesizers, but is actually able to often replace these instruments – thanks to its carefully reproduced wave forms and elaborated edit-functions. Because of the enormous bandwidth of synthesizers being used, TITAN 2 offers an unbelievable broad palette of sonic characters. However, TITAN 2 does not solely define itself by the sonic sources but by the presets being carved from these.

Overview TITAN 2
– 266 distinctively emulated synthesizers
– 12,800 presets (sorted by synthesizer- and sound-categories)
– 1,800 drum- and FX-sounds
– 1,500 rhythmical sequences
– 2,000 arpeggiator-, sequencer-, modulation- and effects-presets
– 80GB sample-content, reduced to 25GB using inaudible data compression
– synthesizers can be combined and mixed to create new sounds
– 64-bit-performance
– two independent synthesizers per preset with individual filters, modulations and over 50 effects
– convolution reverb with 1,000 impulse responses
– superfast preset loading, less than one second
– low CPU-load
– all parameters are MIDI-controllable
– “All-in-one” user-interface
– complete modular system using Pro-Edit mode
– Randomizer and Attacker
– Auto-Playback section with arranger (chord memorizer, polyphonic MIDI-file-player)
– extensive Arpeggiator and polyphonic step-sequencer
– requires Free Engine or newer

Works with Engine Version 2.8.0 or higher

** Special thanks to TeamFuck for the R2R engine key **

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/yA2Xu
Titan 2 For ENGiNE 2
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