Rare Vintage Breaks and Vinyl Drums WAV MP3

Rare Vintage Breaks and Vinyl Drums WAV MP3

Rare Vintage Breaks & Vinyl Drums

P2P | 17.05.2015 | 1.01 GB

Welcome to the 1.04 GB Rare Vintage Drum Breaks and Vinyl Drums sample library. This collection has over 1,052 Hard to find and extremely rare Drums. This collection is POWER packed with fresh gems from the crates and is a must-have collection for any producer looking for authentic vintage breaks and REAL vinyl drums. Golden Age Producer ? If you are the kind of producer that likes to get busy and create beats from scratch sampling real drums and breaks you will find plenty of REAL AUTHENTIC Drum Kicks , snares , hi-hats and drum breaks used by Pete Rock , Just Blaze , the late J-dilla ( R.I.P. ), Dj Premier , Q-Tip, Havoc, Run DMC’s Jam Master J, and just about any other Golden age Producer you can think of. But wait it Gets even Better –

We know what all the real Hip-Hop producers want and look for in Vintage Drum Breaks – So we did all the work for you, by making custom made one-shots and pre-sliced Vinyl chops of the best drum samples from the illest and dopest hard to find Drum Breaks, Super Rare and powerful material is all organized in neat Separate Labeled Folders of : Rare Vintage Kicks , Rare Vintage High Hats , Rare Vintage Snares ,are Vintage Drum Combo Kicks , Rare Vintage Drum Breaks,Rare Vintage Combos, Rare Vintage Claps and Rare Vintage Vocal Chops !

CONTAINS : 1,052 Rare Vintage Drum Breaks & Vinyl Drums
1. Rare Vintage Kicks
2. Rare Vintage High Hats
3. Rare Vintage Snares
4. Rare Vintage Drum Combo Kicks
5. Rare Vintage Drum Breaks
6. Rare Vintage Combos
7. Rare Vintage Claps
8. Rare Vintage Vocal Chops

Rare Vintage Breaks and Vinyl Drums WAV MP3

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