The Complete Guide To Rekordbox

The Complete Guide To Rekordbox

The Complete Guide To Rekordbox

P2P | 03.07.2016 | 1.02 GB

MP4 | 25 Tutorials

In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software and all its essential features. You’ll learn to create playlists and Intelligent Playlists, import and export tracks and playlists, and produce audition mixes on the fly. “The Complete Guide to Rekordbox” also teaches how to adjust your Beatgrids such as how to create cues, loops, Active Loops, Hot Cues, and Hot Cue Loops; and utilize the Related Tracks List to help you come up with mix ideas quickly and easily, speeding up your workflow.

Additionally, this course includes a bonus lesson on how to sync Rekordbox with your mobile device and an overview of the mobile app itself! The lessons are taught in a clear way that is easy for anyone to understand and include practical examples on how to use many of the software’s features and functions.

This information-packed course is the first in the Software Series as well as an integral part of the CDJ Series of Shortee’s Complete DJ Method and is essential for building a strong foundation to up your DJ game.

The Complete Guide To Rekordbox

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